Challenging projects

The comprehensive WTPs development programme comprising rehabilitation of existing facilities and construction of new ones

In order to ensure reliable drinking water supply and to guarantee compliance of drinking water quality with regulatory requirements, rehabilitation of four major water treatment plants with construction of new water treatment blocks at Main WTP, Northern WTP, Southern WTP and Kolpino WTP is planned.

It is planned to build two new WTP in Molodezhnoye and Dyuny (“Rzhavaya kanava”) to supply water to the customers of Kurortny district from local groundwater sources.

Establishment of St. Petersburg Water Supply Management System

The main objective of the project is to improve energy performance of the water supply system and to provide reliable water supply services.

The integrated water supply management system will reduce the operating costs by establishing controllable water supply zones, optimize water consumption patterns, reduce excessive pressure, increase reliability of operation, optimize potable water distribution and reduce energy consumption.

The project will comprise large-scale modernization of the boosting pumping stations including the replacement of pumps, installation of frequency converters to control pressure in the network, and implementation of a pump control system to control pump operation using the pressure measurement data from the network checkpoints.

The first pilot project was implemented in Uritskaya pumping station catchment area (the area with the population of about 140,000 people). The work included replacement of the entire pumping equipment with energy efficient one, creation of the online measurement system for water volume, pressure, quality control.

The project results: monthly average energy consumption was reduced by more than 40%, water losses were significantly decreased from 11 to 7%.

Large-scale works to implement the Southern water supply zone management system are ongoing. With Central and Northern water supply zones modernized, the St. Petersburg water supply management system will further expand.

Reconstruction of water networks and replacement of valves

In order to reduce the breakdown rate of water networks and provide reliable water supply service to the customers, 200-250 km of networks should be rehabilitated, constructed or repaired annually.

Great importance is attached to replacement of valves and fire hydrants. Over 80,000 valves with diameters up to 1,200 mm and over 20,000 fire hydrants of different types are installed in the water network at the moment.

Replacement by Vodokanal of all valves and fire hydrants in water networks with the advanced, directly installed equipment will go on to ensure reliable operation of the networks, with the number of disconnected customers during scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs reduced from 8 to 2 average. New fire hydrants will have a better performance and higher availability for fire extinguishing. Furthermore, direct installation of valves and fire hydrants will reduce the   operating and maintenance costs and ensure safety of maintenance works by line crew personnel.