Fountains SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" has been operating fountains and fountain complexes since 1996.

Only twenty out of 350 fountains were operational at the time when the decision to transfer the city fountains to Vodokanal was taken, many of them were in the state of emergency.

Today, SUE "Vodokanal of St.Petersburg" operates 81 fountains and 4 fountain complexes. 49 fountains and 3 fountain complexes have been in operation in the season of 2016.

  • Light and music show in Lenina Square

  • Fountain complex in Lenina Square

  • Fountain complex in Moskovskaya Square

In 2016, a fountain located in the garden square near the cinema “Podvig” was started in Kolpino at the address: Bld. 2, 34 Pavlovskaya st. It was put into operation after complete renovation. It started after a complete renovation. The fountain was built in 1999 and was working for several years. It was handed over to Vodokanal for economic management in inoperable condition: with damaged waterproofing, without external power supply networks, without water supply and sewage, without design and operational documentation. The design and survey works as well as the overhaul of this fountain are envisaged under St. Petersburg State Program “Improvement and Environmental Protection in St. Petersburg” for the period of 2015-2020 (the subprogram “Development and Maintenance of Improvement Facilities”).

Form 1996- till 2011, the fountains at 36 addresses were transferred to economic management of SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg". In this period the Company rehabilitated 32 fountains and built 15 new fountains and fountain complexes out of its own and budgetary sources.

In late 2013, Vodokanal took economic control of six fountains adjacent to house territories (23 Pinegina st., 3 Shpalernaya st., 26 Mokhovaya st., 146 Nevsky Prospekt, 28/11 Novgorodskaya st.). All of them are needed to be reconstructed and completely repaired.

New fountains in the most significant locations have been built in addition to the restoration of the existing ones. For example, in 2011, the ceremonial opening of the reconstructed fountain in Lomonosov took place – the event was dedicated to the 300-year anniversary of the town of Oranienbaum/Lomonosov.

In 2012 – 2013, Vodokanal implemented capital repair of the fountain in Yuzhno-Primorsky Park – one of the largest parks in St. Petersburg: the fountain bowl length is 100m, width – 20m. The fountain was set into operation on 15th of August 2013.

In summer of 2013, one of the historical fountains of the city in the garden of the palace of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovic was started after rehabilitation (in Pisareva st.). This is the first fountain in St. Petersburg equipped with system protecting its streams from the wind deflection. The drinking fountain at Sennaya Square was rehabilitated in 2013.

In 2014, two fountains in the western and eastern lanes ware started after major overhaul in the St. Petersburg 300th Anniversary Park.

In 2015, the following fountains were put into operation:

- the fountain “Near the Market”in Zelenogorsk;

- the fountain in Primorsky Victory Park (on Batareinaya Road);

- the fountain “Lighthouse” in the St. Petersburg 300th Anniversary Park

In 2010, Vodokanal's experts together with the city authorities and the Committee for City Improvement and Roads performed inspection of 155 city fountains determining the need of their rehabilitation with regard to their accessibility and historical value. A number of fountains to be taken into economic management and reconstructed in the period up to 2015 were determined.

Vodokanal built the following unique fountain complexes:

  • the color-music fountain complex in the square in front of Finlyandsky Station was put into operation on September 22th, 2005 (concurrently with the official start of the South-West Wastewater Treatment Plant);
  • the fountain complex in Moskovskaya Square was put into operation in 2006.

In general, the fountains, maintained by St. Petersburg Vodokanal, have more than 7.5 thousand lamps, more than 4 thousand nozzles, 847 pumps, 915 solenoid valves and almost 300 km of cable.

Today in St. Petersburg the following documents are in effect:

  • The Regulation of the Government of St. Petersburg No. 487 dated 17.06.2014 “On the State Program of St. Petersburg “Improvement and Environment Protection in St. Petersburg” for the period of 2015-2020”.