Vodokanal of St.Petersburg restored the “Sculpture Fountain” in Aleksandvovskiy Park in Pushkin


SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” has completed the reconstruction of the fountain at the corner of Akademicheskiy Ave. and Dvortsovaya St. in Pushkin.

The fountain had been in critical condition and out of service for a long time. The structure had no pipelines and the basin was damaged. In 2014, the fountain in such a condition was handed over to Vodokanal for operation management.

The operating fountain is located in the center of the park at the corner of Akademicheskiy Ave. and Dvortstovaya St. in Pushkin. In 1954, it was transported from Solyanoy Gorodok district. Vodokanal experts restored its basin, rehabilitated and mounted the fountain structure cast at French factory using the form made by sculptor Louis Sauvageot in 1862, on pedestal.

In the course of the fountain renovation works, Vodokanal installed pumps and a water metering unit, as well as laid new water, wastewater and electrical networks. St.Petersburg citizens will enjoy the fountain already in the next fountain season - in spring of 2021.

The large-scale reconstruction of the structure was carried out in the frames of the City fountains renovation program which was newly formed by the order of St.Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov. More information on the program implementation may be found in the corresponding section of Vodokanal website.

The fountain in Pushkin is the last one to be renovated in 2020. Five more fountains were also reconstructed this year:  fountain “Slava” in Victory Park, two fountains (ensemble) in Moskovskiy Ave. and the fountain in Lermontovskiy Ave. The program will continue in 2021. Next year, 7 more fountains are planned to be repaired and reconstructed.