Seven Fountains of St.Petersburg will be Rehabilitated in 2021


Vodokanal of St.Petersburg continues rehabilitation of city fountains and fountain complexes. The Company first formed the fountains restoration and rehabilitation program in 2019 under instructions of Alexander Beglov, the Governor of St.Petersburg.

SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” was assigned to restore the city's fountain assets.

The list of facilities, which rehabilitation is planned for 2021, includes:

- fountain at 165/2/1/G Moskovsky Prospekt, in front of the Russian National Library;

- fountain at 32/1/A Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt;

- fountain at 4/18/1/A Shcherbakova Street;

- fountain in Shushary settlement, to the north-west of 1 Pervomayskaya Street;

- ountain at 13/1/A Angliysky Prospekt;

- fountain at 3/1/A Bolshevikov Prospekt;

- fountain in Kolpino at 22/2/A Lenina Prospekt.

Vodokanal intensifies the designing of fountains and establishes a reserve for the future in order to complete the entire scope of construction on time. Large-scale restoration the of St. Petersburg fountains continues.

In total, SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” manages 111 facilities. This season, 65 fountains, including three fountain complexes, are in operation.


In 2019, Petersburgers voted and chose fountains that the Company rehabilitated at its own expense:

- fountain “Lyubashinsky” on Zamshina Street;

- “Childhood Fairy Tales” on Koroleva Prospekt;

- fountain in the 30th anniversary of October Revolution garden.

In 2020, Vodokanal rehabilitated five fountains as part of the Northern Capital fountain complex restoration program:

- Victory Square fountain at 207/G Moskovsky Prospekt;

- Victory Square fountain at 224/G Moskovsky Prospekt;

- fountain at 41 Lermontovsky Prospekt;

- “Glory” fountain in the Moskovsky Victory Park;

- “Fountain with Sculpture” at Akademichesky Prospekt in Pushkin.

It was the Glory fountain, restored for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, that gave the start to the entire fountain complex launch in the 2020 season. The rest of rehabilitated facilities in an updated were launched already in 2021.