Kroshik is raven-black again

Everyone’s favourite and one of the most popular persons in St. Petersburg, the ringed seal pup Kroshik, has finished the spring shedding and is raven-black again.

Vodokanal specialists participate in IX Northern Dimension Forum

On 5 April, St. Petersburg hosted IX Northern Dimension Forum. Over 200 delegated from the Northern Dimension partner countries (Russia, Norway, Iceland and the EU) participated in the event.

Hygiene and Epidemiology Centre in St. Petersburg makes independent drinking water quality inspection

Since 1 April 2018, independent drinking water quality inspections will be carried out by FGUP (federal state-financed healthcare institution) “Hygiene and Epidemiology Center in St. Petersburg”.

Model United Nations Conference in SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg"

22nd Model United Nations Conference took place at 56 Shpalernaya Street on 27-28 March 2018.

Vodokanal specialists participate in Ecology Forum in Moscow

On 22-23 March, Moscow hosted IX International Ecology Forum – one of the leading public platforms setting guidelines for the governmental environment protection policy.

Vodokanal of St. Petersburg mini-football team solemnly awarded for the First Place

On March 21, Oktyabrskiy Concert Hall hosted a celebratory concert in honor of the Russian Housing and Communal Services Workers Day.

Order of V.I. Vernansky awarded to SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" specialist

The Order of V.I. Vernansky was awarded to Olga N. Rublevskaya, Director of Technological Development and Environmental Protection Department, SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg", for special merits and scientific achievements in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

Vodokanal specialists participate in Ecology of Big City international forum in St. Petersburg

On 21-23 March, St. Petersburg hosted the XVIII International Forum “Ecology of Big City”, a major event dedicated to environmental protection, sustainable management of natural resources, and environment-friendly equipment, technologies and services. At Expoforum Congress and Exhibition Center, the guests of the event attended workshops and panels, and looked at different special-purpose exhibits.

Vodokanal specialist makes a presentation at “The Baltic Sea Day” in Kaliningrad

On March 22-24, a regional session of XIX International Environmental Forum “The Baltic Sea Day” was delivered in Kaliningrad region.

SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg joins Blue Ribbon flash mob dedicated to the Water Day

Today, Blue Ribbon event was held at 4 pm at 65 Shpalernaya Street.

SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" Vodokanal announced the winners of the annual Crystal Drop competition

The awarding ceremony was held at the opening of XVIII International Forum "Ecology of Big City".

Vodokanal receives delegation from Republic of Moldova to share experience

Today, Vodokanal management met guests from Gagauzia Autonomous Territorial Unit at 56 Shpalernaya st.

Vodokanal organizes section in the framework of the All-Russian Life Protection Olympiad

The Sustainable Water Management Section was prepared by specialists of Vodokanal’s Youth Environmental Centre.

Vodokanal crews support snowmelt drainage in the city

Today, 13 March, Vodokanal’s Hotline received 96 complaints about water accumulation in the streets as a result of intensive snow melting caused by sudden warming. Over one half of the complaints have already got response.

Vodokanal takes over water facilities in Khvoyniy (town in Krasnoselskiy District of St. Petersburg)

The artesian well and the water pumping station with an artesian well are on the books of Vodokanal now. The third well located on the border of Gatchiskiy District (the Leningrad Region) remained under the jurisdiction of the military town L-237.

Specialists of the Baltic Seal Friends Fund save grey seal pup

Vodokanal’s Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Center admitted for rehabilitation the season’s first patient – a grey seal pup.

Crystal Drop Competition for Vodokanal customers has started

A call for applications starting 5 February was announced by Vodokanal for participation in the Crystal Drop Competition for the “Best Customer” title.

Vodokanal conducts emergency response drill

On 15 February, Vodokanal’s Situation Centre hosted training events aimed to prepare the management, operating staff and relevant facilities to the coming spring flood.  

Record amount of snow disposed in St.Petersburg

Since the winter season beginning, SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” has received and disposed of 1,518,866.46 cubic meters of snow.

Vodokanal participates in the fourth workshop of IWAMA Project

Tartu, Estonia, hosted the workshop on “Smart sludge handling in the wastewater treatment sector”.