Vodokanal of St.Petersburg demonstrated water treatment process to journalists

On April 16th, specialists of SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” invited mass media representatives to the K-6 Unit (water treatment facilities complex) at the Southern Water Treatment Plant. On April 22, the K-6 Unit celebrates its 10th commissioning anniversary.

St. Petersburg key environmental project: Vodokanal commissioned the Okhta sewer collector

On March 23rd, a solemn ceremony with the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov participation was held to complete the Okhta collector first stage construction. The event is the city environmental milestone. This project enabled Vodokanal to raise the municipal wastewater treatment level up to 99.5%. The ceremony coincided with several significant regional events - the “Ecology of Big City” and “Baltic Sea Day” forums.

In 2022, Vodokanal will construct a sewage collector, enabling 100% treatment of wastewater from Petrovsky Island

SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” has concluded contracts with the real estate developers of Petrovsky Island for connection to the centralized wastewater disposal system. The contracts signing enabled the final funding portfolio formation for the construction of a sewage collector, which will solve the wastewater disposal challenge and ensure 100% wastewater treatment on the island territory.

Vodokanal replaces the last old-type fire hydrant in St. Petersburg

On November 23, Vodokanal workers replaced the last worn out and outdated fire hydrant on Rastrelli Square in the Central District of St. Petersburg. From that moment on, the city will use 23 500 advanced fire hydrants which can be serviced or repaired without interrupting water supply to consumers. Moreover, the new hydrants will provide water for fire extinguishing in a reliable way.

Vodokanal of St.Petersburg restored the “Sculpture Fountain” in Aleksandvovskiy Park in Pushkin

SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” has completed the reconstruction of the fountain at the corner of Akademicheskiy Ave. and Dvortsovaya St. in Pushkin.

Vodokanal initiates amendments to current legislation to improve control over unpleasant odor from industries

On December 18, the online workshop “Legislation in New Year” - the traditional final event of the Russian Association for Water Supply and Sanitation (RAWSS) - ended. The participants discussed adopted or current legal initiatives and raised the acute issue of legislative control over unpleasant odors from wastewater facilities and their regulation.

City snow points receive the first snow in the season 2020-2021

St. Petersburg opened the new season of snow collection and disposal on December 11. The first truck with snow arrived at the permanent snow-melting station at 2, Rybinskaya st.

For the season 2020-2021, Vodokanal has prepared 18 points, 11 of which are permanent snow-melting stations (PSMS) and 7 permanent technically equipped snow collection points (PSCP). The total capacity of all the facilities is 101.5 thousand cubic meters per day.

Ten Vodokanalers hit the construction sector’s Best Workers List following the Stroymaster 2020 Competition

The award ceremony of the regional Stroymaster 2020 Professional Skills Competition took place in the Palace of Labor Grand Duke's living room on 10 December, with ten Vodokanal employees among the winners. This year, the organizers also gave awards to the sector’s veterans and members of the best labor dynasties alongside with top workers.

Seal pup Shlissik will stay at Vodokanal’s plant in Repino community for the next two years

The fate of the famous Ladoga ringed seal Shlissik is determined for the next two years. The cub which had twice refused to return to Lake Ladoga after rehabilitation and preferred human society to wild life will stay on Vodokanal premises in Repino community.

Vodokanal grants the opportunity to pay-off old debts without penalties

SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” announces a “New Year without Old Debts” stimulating campaign for the period from November 23, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Residents of St.Petersburg and the Leningrad Region will be able to pay their debts for cold water supply and sanitation services to SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” without delayed payment surcharges.

Vodokanal’s Optimus: multifunctional transforming toilet developed by the Company's specialists

The World Toilet Day is celebrated on November 19. This very day SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” is accepting a new mobile toilet-transformer based on a medium-duty truck. A modern and multifunctional vehicle is equipped with a loader crane and a tail lift, which enable reducing time and financial costs for the modular toilet complexes installation.

St.Petersburg sewage systems operation will be designed subject to the future climate change and the city development prospects

Online meeting of the “Towards higher adaptive capacity in urban water management” (RAINMAN) international project (within the Russia-South-East Finland Cross-Border Cooperation Program for the period 2014-2020 framework) implementation group was held on November 12, 2020. The project participants discussed the tasks completed in 2020.

Manhole cover theft reduced almost 4 times in 2020

In January – September, 2020, 178 Vodokanal’s manhole cover units located at 73 addresses in 13 districts of St.Petersburg were stolen. It was in Nevskiy, Vyborgskiy and Central districts of St.Petersburg that the biggest amount of manholes was stolen: 41, 26 and 23 respectively.

The extended fountain season 2020 is over in St.Petersburg

Vodokanal completed the fountain season 2020 (water images creation mode).The experts of the Company started to shut off the city fountains and fountain complexes. The fountains preservation for winter period is being performed.

The last seal of the rehabilitation season 2020 turned back into the Ladoga lake

On September 23, a patient of the Baltic Ringed Seal Friends Fund located at Vodokanal’s premises in Repino was released into the wild. The Red Book Ladoga ringed seal Kraskova (female) turned back into the Ladoga Lake, on the border of the Ladoga Lake and Karelia.  This release was the last one in the pinnipeds rehabilitation season 2020.

25 % increase in sewer blockages caused by foreign objects during the pandemic

On September 24, Vodokanal organized a press tour for journalists where the company specialists presented statistical data on sewer blockages and demonstrated how emergency crews eliminate blockages

Vodokanal provides expert support to Pulkovo Airport by choosing a unique technological solution for removing complex pollutants from surface runoff

Vodokanal specialists together with the Pulkovo Airport management company, Air Gate of the Northern Capital LLC (AGNC LLC), found a new integrated solution for efficient treatment of surface runoff from the airport. In particular, the method of removing ethylene glycol, a complex and hazardous pollutant, was proposed. Today, such treatment plant has no analogues in Russia or in the international practice. On September 17, the management company expressed their gratitude to Vodokanal for technological and informational support at the conference "Wastewater treatment at transportation facilities – matters of current interest" organized within the framework of the forum "Ecology of the metropolis".

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Vodokanal saves RUB 22 mln. and wins the #BrighterTogether Festival Contest due to reconstruction of Petrogradskaya Pumping Station

On September 18 - the final day of the online marathon of the #BrighterTogether 2020 All-Russian Festival of Energy Saving and Ecology, Vodokanal was awarded, in Nevskaya Townhall, the winner’s certificate of the Contest of Implemented Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Enhancement Projects for its Petrogradskaya Pumping Station Reconstruction Project.  

Polymer “shield” for Okhta Collector completed

Vodokanal has completed the spiral-wound pipe (SWP) lining of Okhta Collector’s final section in Krasnogvardeyskiy District. For the first time ever, Vodokanal used the innovative SWP technology for a newly-built reinforced concrete collector to protect its inner surface from gas corrosion.

Summer Purity Cup: Vodokanal cleaned Rzhevsky Park from garbage

On August 29, Vodokanal took part in the youth citywide environmental competition "Summer Purity Cup" under the auspices of "Clean Games". In addition to the implementation of the Okhta Collector Construction Project aimed to eliminate direct wastewater discharges into the Okhta River, Vodokanal employees made their personal contribution to the cleanliness of Krasnogvardeyskiy District. The District’s residents and activists together with Vodokanal teams collected over 2.6 tons of garbage near Rzhevsky Forest Park alone in one hour.