Social benefits

SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” social policy is implemented in the following areas:

  • Personnel social protection (financial assistance for childbirth, payments after death of a relative, financial assistance for medical treatment or in case of emergency situation);
  • Additional paid leaves (due to marriage, for a father in case of childbirth, death of a relative, child’s first day of school, son’s recruitment into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation);
  • Insurance of employees (voluntary medical insurance, including dental clinic, for employees and their underage children);
  • Medical support for personnel (provision of medical services in the Medical Center of the company);
  • Recreation organization for employees and members of their families (discounted vouchers to Burevestnik sanatorium);
  • Comfortable labour conditions creation (nutrition with partial payment of its value by the company, free hot meals provision to emergency teams working in night shifts, transportation to and from the work);
  • Support and development of physical culture, sports and corporate culture (arrangement of recreational sports and cultural events, namely sports competitions, contests, gyms rentals, discounts to sports clubs, theaters visits, etc.);
  • Targeted social assistance (material assistance to former Company employees, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and unemployed retirees).

The Vodokanal social policy is implemented in accordance with the Collective Agreement of the company.