Mission and strategy

To provide high-quality water and wastewater services to the customers taking care of the environment and creating a responsible attitude to water resources


Provision of accessible water and sanitation services to ensure high quality of life for the customers and sustainable city development, to build the culture of water use and to preserve the Baltic Sea basin.


We see Vodokanal among the world's best providers of water and sanitation services due to the quality of its services and environmental awareness.


  • Responsibility before future generations - сareful and efficient use of natural resources including water, energy, forests, etc.
  • Responsibility before the customers – continuous studies of the customers' expectations and requirements, improvement of customer interaction procedures to raise the level of satisfaction with the water and sanitation services.
  • Responsibility before the staff – continuous improvement of labour safety, good salaries and wages, social security for the company employees and their families, and for the retired employees.
  • Openness to the public and responsibility before the society – transparency of the company activities, access to reliable information on the company work and history, active interaction with the mass media, educational institutions, public and environmental organizations – all that constitutes the basis of our information policy.
  • Innovative approach – incorporation of international best practice in the company management, the use of advanced technologies and creation of know-how in different fields of activities – that is the only way to reach success and to be a leading company.