Snow disposal

Today, Vodokanal operates eleven permanent snow-melting stations (PSMS) and six permanent technically equipped snow collection points (PTESCP).

The operating principle of the PSMS is based on sewage heat (the temperature of around 16°C even in winter) melting the snow collected in the snow collection chambers. Snow melt water mixed with wastewater is discharged into the collectors and transported to have a full treatment cycle at the wastewater treatment plant. The eleven PSMSs are able to melt at least 66,000m³ of snow per day.

In this way, processing of snow at the permanent snow-melting stations allows to significantly reduce the negative environmental impact.

The first six PSMSs were commissioned as early as in 2012.

On 2 February 2017, the 11th permanent snow-melting station (PSMS) was commissioned in Sector 27 in Shkiperskiy Protok str. Its capacity is 7,000 m3 of snow per day.

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  • Permanent snow-melting station on Oktyabrskaya embankment

  • Before to get into the snow-melting chamber snow is crushed on special macerators.

Operation of permanent technically equipped snow collection points (PTESCP) is a new direction of Vodokanal’s work.

There are some fundamental differences between the permanent snow-melting stations and permanent technically equipped snow collection points.

The permanent technically equipped snow collection points are designed for disposal, storage and processing of snow and snow-and-ice bodies generated after overall cleaning of St.Petersburg territories. Using these systems Vodokanal ensures receiving, storage and melting of snow masses by natural melting processes (including by sun heat). Snow melt waters from the PTESCP being preliminary treated at the local wastewater treatment plant are discharged into the sewage system and transported to the wastewater treatment plant. Besides, part of snow from the PTESCP may be transported to the PSMS or processed in a mobile snow-melting unit located directly at the PTESCP.

The total output of the six PTESCPs is around 382,000 cubic meters per season.

The maximum possible volume of snow to be received by Vodokanal PSMS and PTESCP is 95,500 cubic meters of snow per day. It is quite enough to process the snow of St.Petersburg

Concluding contracts for receiving and processing of snow

Report on the snow received for 2012-2013