Quality of wastewater treatment

At present, 99% of wastewater is treated in St. Petersburg. All the wastewater treatment plants provide wastewater treatment in full compliance with the recommendations of the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission. One of the biggest environmental projects focused on closing untreated wastewater discharges into the water bodies was the construction of the Northern Tunnel Collector completed in October 2013. Thanks to the Northern Tunnel Collector, 76 untreated domestic wastewater discharges totaling 334,000 m3/day were diverted to the sewerage system.

 At the end of 2013, the City Government adopted the St. Petersburg Water and Wastewater Master Plan for the period up to 2025. In 2015, the Master Plan was revised. In accordance with the Master Plan, untreated domestic wastewater discharges into the water bodies will be fully closed by 2020.   

  Wastewater treatment quality in 2018  



Concentration in the total effluent volume, mg/l   

Regulatory requirements*, mg/l


Total Nitrogen


max. 10


Total Phosphorus


max 0,5


Suspended solids


max 10


TBOD total


max 6

* Regulatory requirements include the Russian requirements and the recommendations of Helsinki Commission. 


Wastewater treatment quality in 2018

Wastewater treatment quality in 2017

Wastewater treatment quality in 2016